Laser Cutting


We offer a comprehensive Laser Cutting service throughout the UK. We are able to cut up to 25mm in Stainless and Mild Steels and 15mm in Aluminium.


We use Radan and e2i to quote your drawings quickly. We quote all jobs within 24 hours but 90% will be quoted within a few hours.

We are able to accept drawings in .dxf .dwg .pdf and .sym. If you don’t have your drawings in a digital format, we are able to draw them for quoting purposes. Additionally, if you don’t have a drawing at all, our CAD team may be able to help you get something drawn up.


Speedy Delivery

We stock large quantities of Mild and Stainless steel on the floor, ready to cut. This helps us turn orders around quickly and economically.

We deliver within 100 miles of our Birmingham factory on our own transport. We use next day courier services for deliveries further afield.


Unmanned operation allows us to process high volume jobs quickly and with reduced running costs. We are able to pass these savings on to our customers and be super competitive in the marketplace.


Mild Steel

Our core product for Laser Cutting is Mild Steel, we supply this material into many industries from agriculture to shopfitting. It is available in multiple grades such as Cold Reduced (CR4), Hot Rolled, Pickled & Oiled and many more…

Galvanised + Zintec

We are also able to cut Galvanised and Zintec or Electro-Galv materials, these materials usually have a mild steel core with a weather resistant coating. Parts can either be cut from pre-galvanised material or for a more sealed product can be galvanised after laser cutting.

Stainless Steel

The two most common grades of Stainless Steel for general use are 304 and 316. 316 is marine grade and is therefore harder and can withstand the elements for a longer period of time. We are able to supply parts cut from both materials in a variety of finishes. Click below to learn more.


Aluminium is a far lighter product than steel with a much lower density. Available in multiple grades for different applications the nature of this product causes it to burr when cut with a laser in thicknesses greater than 4mm.

COR-TEN® - Weathering Steel

Cor-Ten® or Corten is a weathering steel that was originally designed so it never had to be painted. The material appears to have a rusty, oxidised finish that acts as a sacrificial layer. When produced it looks blue like normal hot rolled mild steel and will develop it’s orange, rusty look when exposed to the elements.

Originally produced to be used on bridges and for rail and marine applications, Today Cor-Ten® or weathering steel is most commonly used in architecture and sculpture.

We are able to Laser Cut Cor-Ten® up to 20mm thick.

HARDOX, RAEX & Armour Plate

Hardox & Raex ® are heat treated hardened steels. Notoriously hard wearing they can be used for making many products from armoured cars to digger buckets for agricultural machinery.

We can process these products up to 15mm thick. Please bear in mind that they are more difficult to cut, weld and fold.