David Mellor Laser Cut Bench

David Mellor Laser Cut Bench

Designed as a sculpture that blurs the line between form and function, this laser cut bench was commissioned by The Duke of Devonshire for the gardens at Chatsworth House in Devon.

Featured by the Galvanizers Association we thought it was a great example of what can be achieved with Laser Cut and galvanized sections.

The bench’s subtle yet distinctly modern aesthetic strikes a fine balance between the ornate splendour of the house and the contemporary sculpture exhibited in the grounds. Air-dried English oak tapered inserts were hand cut to form the seat, reflecting the woodland surroundings, and the 80 laser cut galvanized sections are combined with tapered concrete fins to create the full 7 metre radius of the curve.

Sadly we didn’t cut the 80 galvanised sections, however we can still admire and share with you.


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